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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Autumn Party

Clement, russet, lime green, burnt umber, lemon, and scarlet leaves, 
a tapestry, a throw rug upon the grassy landscape. 
The confetti at the end of one season and the beginning of another. 
Autumn party.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Fairy Mist

Early my eye did catch the whirling dance of the fairy mist on the lake.

A haze, that swirls and twirls in circular patterns that change with the gentlest of a breeze. 

Kissed by the sun; drying in the air, they rise and disappear.

Fairies dance on the lake in the mist in late spring and early fall.

Come early or not at all, for the dance is fleeting and ethereal.

PJ Farr


Returning the Muses are jubilant!  They have taken great pleasure in their long holiday.  They laugh and clamor about for attention.  Peals of laughter, giggles, and spontaneous acts of exploration and fun have returned.  An air of lightness has been breathed into the abyss and brought life into a once dying soul.

I do not blame them for taking a long hiatus.  If I were one of my muses I too would have taken a long much needed vacation.   It is difficult to inspire someone in a constant negative space.  A black hole tends to suck the light and life out of the atmosphere.  Are you a black hole? 

I am glad they returned in time to see the fall colors, which I am enjoying as well.  This week has the promise of an ‘Indian Summer’.  What a tonic that will be! 

First fruits of their return and inspiration, a poem:  

 Autumn Air

Breathe deep the cool air of autumn.
Exhale the gloom.
Breathe deep the joy.
Laugh with the full moon.
Breathe deep.
Breathe deep.
Rest in a warm blanket of fall leaves until the last quarter moon.