Wednesday, July 21, 2021

She Who Knows

 She Who Knows

BY Peggy Jo Farr

Revised 2021

 She who knows likes to dance with the wind,

and swim with the river otters.

Running through the prairie grass chasing the clouds,

she loves to be at play.

She who knows countenance changes like the tides.

"Who is coming?" and "What is coming?" she whispers to her elders.

She who knows saw the white man coming.

The long white winter and the dead buffalo.

The snake on tracks, scaring the land.

The flying lead and men falling dead.

She who knows knew, and is no longer.

Her spirit dances upon the wind.

It runs through the long prairie grass. 

She who knows is home with the white buffalo and The Great Spirit.

Native American Dancer
Free Imagine

This poem is dedicated to Native American Peoples.

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