Monday, February 15, 2016

Captain Beatrice Lamont

Beatrice Lamont was a captain on the high seas, a fisherman that knew the seasons by the tides and the weather. She was waiting patiently for the tide to change. For a while now the ocean tides and the Earth's climate had been in flux, making it more difficult to fish. Schools that ran in particular patterns were now nowhere to be seen. Fishing was a greater challenge than ever!

Persistence would pay well for the boat with the catch. How to read the signs and make the best guess as to where to go was as much an art as a science now.  Captain Lamont wanting so desperately to catch and haul in a load of fish for her crew, her town, and her business, sought the best source for favor. They were all in need of a good catch. A good payday.

She prayed. “God, show me where to go.” 
What happens next? You write the ending to this story and name the fishing vessel. Submit it in the comments and I will most likely post it.

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