Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Kiss of Death"

Psychologists say that there is one behavior in particular that is the 'kiss of death' for any relationship and that is contempt.


the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn 

"he showed his contempt for his job by doing it very badly"
synonyms: scorn, disdain, disrespect, scornfulness,contemptuousness, derision; More disregard for something that should be taken into account.

"he is guilty of contempt of court"
synonyms: disrespect, disregard, slighting

Do you treat others with contempt?

Do you give others the silent treatment? 

Are you constantly critical of another person?

CAREFUL with a contemptible attitude you are going to ruin relationships.

University of California at Berkeley psychologists Gottman and Levenson found that found that this single behavior is so powerful that they can be used along with the negative behaviors of criticism, defensiveness, and stonewalling (the silent treatment) to predict divorce with 93% accuracy and the end of any relationship in general including family ties.

"Contempt," says Gottman "is the kiss of death in relationships."

Gottman suggests that each person in the relationship is a source of his or her own musical (or emotional) vibrations. If each partner is closed off to the other person's vibes (or emotions) and more interested in unleashing their own feelings and/or superiority, these negative vibrations will resound against one another, escalating a bad situation "until something breaks."

If you have noticed yourself or your partner exhibiting this type of behavior, good, being aware that you are doing, something that could negatively affect your relationship is the first step to actively combating it.

If you can figure out how to replace this behavior with a more positive one or avoid this type of behavior all together, you will likely greatly improve the relationship and increase your chances of staying together.

Key in any relationship is good, clear, and honest communication. Breathe life into your relationships today by being aware of what and how you speak to others and yourself.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


I just finished reading a story by Squid McFinnigan titled Tick-Tock. It is a great read. You get pulled in will have to read the story now to understand.  Enjoy!

Friday, January 22, 2016

"She Who Knows"

'She who knows' likes to dance with the wind,

And swim with the river otters.

Running through the prairie grass chasing the clouds,

She loves to be at play.

'She who knows' countenance changes like the tides.

"What is coming and who is coming," she whispers to her elders.

'She who knows' saw the white man coming,

The long winter and the dead buffalo,

The snake on tracks, scaring the land,

The flying lead, men falling dead.

'She who knows knew, and is no longer.

Her spirit dances upon the wind and runs through the prairie grass.

'She who knows' is home with the white buffalo and The Great Spirit.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Prayer Flag of Hope 2016

Thank you, The Tin Goat and friends, for inspiring me to create a prayer flag.

“And now, Lord, for what do I expectantly wait?
My hope [my confident expectation] is in You."
Psalm 39:7(AMP)

I started with a remnant piece of material that I had graciously received from a furniture store salesperson who gathered and gave me a bag of sample materials for my various art projects. I am grateful for her gift and thoughtfulness.

Next, I cut and then formed the word "HOPE" from a white flower patterned wired ribbon and tacked it down with clear gel "Tacky" fabric glue.  I added blue beads and white linen flower doilies with blue centers.

Then I made a pattern for the birds and traced them out on a page from a favorite magazine. I cut them out and glued them in place adding a blue bead for each eye.

Finding a scroll pattern I liked and using an old world font I printed Psalm 39:7 (AMP) out on the paper I used to trace and cut out the birds on, adding gold embellishments along the edges.

Last, I took one of the tomato stakes from last summer's garden and trimmed it to a reasonable size, and looped it through the brass circles at the top of the fabric, and hung it in the dining room.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Oh When The Weather Outside Is...

frightful...have a stack of books, coffee, and chocolate at the ready...toilet paper, bread and milk as well. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Waiting for the Bloom to Awaken

Georgia is a lovely girl with curls, blonde, bouncy, long and flowing.  Her smile is warm and her eyes twinkle with an inner glow you wish you had. She could be a beauty queen, but shy and a bit timid she remains a quiet gem.  A lover of books, antiques, and impressionistic art, she has flawless taste and dreams of 
Waiting for the bloom to awaken.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Small Indulgences

Gwen's mother Jean sold Mary Kay. In her teenage years, Gwen, became her walking billboard wearing Journey, Sun Blossom lip-gloss, and chatting to all she met about the latest sales in this month's brochure.

Using an antique white bureau to organize her samples and demos it was a treasure chest of beauty products. In the bottom drawer, lay large polka dot sized eye shadows of Robin-egg Blue, Lavender, and Lime Green. Floral lipsticks of Sparkling Rose, Tangerine Pop, and Coral Bliss. Mini samples of hand creams, perfumes, and bubble bath took up the middle drawer. The top drawer was set up with embroidered linens artfully arranged for demoing new products and giving impromptu makeovers.

The bureau was a mini spa, full of small indulgences.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Death of a Newspaper

Damn and blast! No morning paper! How did this come to be?

Who'd a thunk such a thing could happen?

But, it has and none are too happy about it. Friday the first of the New Year 2016 greeted us with no local newspaper to peruse.

Rural deliveries are no more, a thing of the past.

Subscribers with internet services can read the paper online for just $6.99.

It is not the same as when you unfurl with a snap and flip to the inside first page. The cheap ink transferring from paper to one's coffee mug. Remembering the smudges.

How will you know who died? The obits is a favorite with older folks.

Death of a newspaper, how sad!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy 2016!

It is the New Year! Happy it is here! After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is good to be at home and to be at rest. There are the usual routine things to do, grocery shopping, laundry, and household chores, that offer a bit of structure after jostling about with festivities. Now, do not get me wrong, it is fun to be out and about, to see and to be seen. But, there is something to the rhythm of everyday life that we enjoy and strange as it may seem, crave.

Love the holidays, and had a good time last year.  However, it is a new year; may she be a happy one for all!