Tuesday, October 27, 2015


dew drops of light dancing through the leaves still on the trees
the old man in the moon smiling down upon the earth that sleeps
‘Tis fall and the full moon is clear, looming large and bright
I love gazing up at the moon at night

Friday, October 9, 2015

Flash Fiction: Gorgeous Simply Gorgeous!

“Oh the day is running long!” “Prattle, how much longer is this hairdo going to take?”

“Be patient Pritchard, beauty requires a little more time as one ages.”

Nonplused, Pritchard replies, “I must be gorgeous, absolutely dead drop gorgeous!”

Suddenly there is a screeching of tires and crunching of glass. A car crashes through the salon stopping just short of the dryers.

Not a word is spoken, as the two women depart the scene.

Prattle and Pritchard leave for Pritchard’s house for whiskey-laden coffee and a quiet place to unwrap the curls and finish the coiffure.

Image result for woman in curlers
Smiling, Pritchard says, "Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!"

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Old Man In The Tree

The old man in the tree has been around from the time John Chapman meandered through the area. Known as Johnny Appleseed to some he was a walking preacher man what some now call an Evangelist. As he wandered from place to place, planting apple seeds some in a patch, some of good size became groves, and some of great girth became orchards.
Image result for smiling face in carved wood
The patch the old man in the tree came from was part of a small farm parcel given to a farmer for his service during the civil war. No longer a homestead, a new subdivision was being built by a developer and the apple tree patch was being cut for smoke wood.  

But, the chainsaw man thought he saw something in that big old apple tree and took home the trunk for carving. The old man was happy and the carver too, so he gave the old man in the tree a smile that made you feel warm inside and happy to see it.

Standing tall at the entrance to the carver’s barn, the trunk of the old apple tree stood living and being loved on, hugged by the young and old, a remarkable sight, the old man in the tree.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Siberian Winter

Sasha, stepping out into the cool of the fall morning breathing deeply of the damp crisp air. “Ahh a beautiful fall day, she quietly said to herself.” The sun shining brightly with water droplets of heavy dew glistening like jewels on the long grass. She hated the thought of having to mow the grass, but it would be the last time for this year, hopefully. 

Winter would be coming early this year. Nature throws us hints if we pay attention and this year she has. Wooly caterpillars are white with black bristles meaning a cold and icy winter. Geese flying several weeks early in formation have left south for the winter. The honeybees and hornets have battened down in their nests and disappeared early in this the second to last week in September.

The winters here in North America were nothing compared to brutal winters of Siberia. Sasha knew of Siberian winters and never desired to experience them again. Just the thought caused a shiver to run down her spine.

How she got to America, the land of the brave, was an audacious ordeal she tried hard not to think about and rarely if ever talked about to anyone, not even her husband who had no idea who she really was. At times, she hardly knew herself anymore.

Friday, October 2, 2015

She Had Moved To Russia For Love

In the cool of evening, the rain began to fall and the wind starting to climb, she felt the change of the seasons. She was ready for a change in her own life.

Battered by personal storms in her own life, a bad marriage, a nasty divorce, and the murder of her former abusive corrupt husband, she desperately wanted to move on. Pamela wanted to get above the fray.

Walking is a way for her to release the tension. When things would reach a certain tenor, Pam would simply put on her walking shoes and walk. She had put on quite a few miles on this pair of shoes and longed for a day when she would leisurely stroll for enjoyment and not just for stress release.

Feeling more like a punching bag then a victim she wanted this nasty mess to go away. Pam was now under investigation for the murder of her former husband. She did not murder her former husband, although the thought of murdering him had crossed her mind many times in the recent past.

Fooled from the beginning she had not really known who he was. Kevin Roloff was a monster, a tyrant glossed over in a false sweetly sick kindness fa├žade. The social out and about public man put on a show that fooled everyone, but those closest to him knew he had a murderous bent of mind. Mean and cold hearted he could almost kill you will a look and his words could slice like a saber.

Intelligent and ruthless he was a mastermind of deception and wealthy beyond his imagination. With possessing money and irresistible charm, he took what he wanted and held everything and everyone in his grasp as tight as a nickel.

Pamela Evans did not know what she was getting herself into when she meet him, a man whom she thought was the man of her dreams, dark and mysterious yet charming and fun at times, turned into a nightmare on their honeymoon. Gambling, drinking, and being ill mannered on their wedding night, not to mention showing her off as a showgirl instead of a new blushing bride, she was crestfallen.

In the beginning, she tolerated his misbehaviors thinking it is was just immaturity and he that might change and grow up a bit and be more thoughtful of her and her feelings. But, putting up with his chicaneries was beginning to take a toll on her health and well-being. Pam would soon have to face the hard reality of who Kevin was, if she was going to live and not just exist under such an autocrat.

How would she ever divorce him? She had no money of her own, no family, no career or even friends. In the short time, she had met Kevin Roloff her life seemed to spin out of control. Her parents had been in a fatal car accident and died soon after they had married. She had left her career, and her friends, and moved to a place where she knew no one, not even the language.

She had moved to Russia for love.