Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Thoughtful Spot

In reading an inspirational article the other day that talked about one’s “thoughtful spot” I came to ponder if I had a “thoughtful spot.” Many artist, writers, and other creative people over the years have had a “thoughtful spot” where they mulled things over or practiced their craft.

I have had two “thoughtful spots” over the years where I would be inspired to write. The first spot was a wooden bench across from an old town tavern that hosted living quarters above a red brick fired building now painted a metallic grey.  Two cats often lay in the large picture window that looked down on the street.  In my writing journal, I would pose adventures for the felines in the window. Making one, the cat of the house, and the other an alley cat visiting for a spell telling of his travels on riverboats and canoes.  Most tales were children stories of cats, birds, tea parties, and riverboat captains.

My other “thoughtful spot” I found many years later on a barrier island that had a New York Style Deli with outdoor tables serving wine in crystal glass rather inexpensively. The food was delicious and the atmosphere ripe for writing. I was no longer writing children stories, but mysteries, murder, and mayhem, the new genre of the day. All manner of people had found this little spot of paradise, which lent itself to more interesting characters to write about. 

Then one day the deli man started talking about selling his moneymaking enterprise to a gossiping, non-stop talking, retired journalist who had not a clue as to how to run a successful restaurant.  A retirement venture for her and a sweet deal for him. 

She was a bit much to take every day. Her profits tailed off to nothing in a span of six months and she could not figure out why the good people stopped coming for breakfast and lunch. Her plans to expand and serve dinner never came to fruition and within the year, she was broke. Her profit up in smoke and her retirement enterprise no longer going to supplement her income as she had expected, the beloved New York Style Deli closed, a sad day for the regulars, me being one of them.

It has been years now since I have had a place to sit, to be inspired, and write.  I will have to find a new “thoughtful spot” to practice my craft. A place to be inspired, to create, to write the novel within.

Where is your “thoughtful spot?” Do you have a place to mull things over or practice your craft? Now, maybe a good time of year to find that place that gives your imagination creative space to be, to grow, to blossom.