Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To Write, Or Not To Write? That Is The Question!

I have been writing more lately, just not online.

Now, do I want to write for a whole month in a disciplined manner?  Am I up for the challenge?  These questions I ponder as I think about the month of November and National Novel Writing Month which starts in less than nine hours or so.  See the countdown clock when you link over.

Writer's Digest also has several contests.  See information below:

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Thrill Us. Seduce Us. Scare Us. Dazzle Us.
Do you have a winning genre story of 4,000 words or less? Would you like a shot at national recognition for your romance, horror, sci-fi, thriller, young adult, crime or other genre short story? Imagine what winning or ranking in a highly respected short story competition could do for your resume and publishing career (and maybe even your bank account!). The Popular Fiction Awards is on now, and we’ve extended the deadline for entries.
When you enter your genre short story before the extended deadline of October 31st, you could:
  • Win up to $2,500 in cash-Plus, more cash and prizes are awarded to the top 25 entries
  • Get national exposure for your work-The top 25 entries names will be listed in Writer’s Digest and on
  • Win a paid trip to New York City- The Grand Prize winner will be sent to the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC!
  • Compete and win in all 6 categories-Are you multi-talented? Enter one or several—or all six!—of our categories to increase your odds of winning
But hurry—the extended deadline for entries is October 31st, 2012. Put those final editorial touches on your prose and polish up your manuscript of 4,000 words or fewer today.
Enter Now!
Upcoming Competitions:

Popular Fiction Competition Deadline: Oct. 31, 2012 Learn More!
Short Short Story Competition Deadline: Nov. 15, 2012 Learn More!
If you write and are trying to get published, entering contests is just another way to get recognized.  The process can be fun and liberating. Think about it and then take action.  Write!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Full Moon In The Early Morning Light

Full moon 
in the early 
morning light 
July 2012. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Delightful Book | Great Romantic Movie

I was at the library the other day perusing through the stacks when I stumbled upon a book with an enticing cover, Italian Lessons, by Peter Pezzelli.   The wonderful watercolor landscape cover enticed me to pick up the book, but the first sentence grabbed my attention and I have not been able to put it down.  Peter Pezzelli’s words paint pictures that make the reader feel, taste, smell, and hear as if they are apart of  the story.  This delicious and delightful book would be a great romantic movie.  We are in need of a good romantic movie!  You simply fall in love with each character, I have.  I am looking forward to reading more of Peter Pezzelli books and hope you find them a wonderful delight to savory with a good glass of wine, cheese on flat bread, and olives.  Buon Appetito!

Italian Lessons

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fairy Mist

Early my eye did catch the whirling dance of the fairy mist on the lake.

A haze, that swirls and twirls in circular patterns that change with the gentlest of a breeze. 

Kissed by the sun; drying in the air, they rise and disappear.

Fairies dance on the lake in the mist in late spring and early fall.

Come early or not at all, for the dance is fleeting and ethereal.

PJ Farr


Returning the Muses are jubilant!  They have taken great pleasure in their long holiday.  They laugh and clamor about for attention.  Peals of laughter, giggles, and spontaneous acts of exploration and fun have returned.  An air of lightness has been breathed into the abyss and brought life into a once dying soul.

I do not blame them for taking a long hiatus.  If I were one of my muses I too would have taken a long much needed vacation.   It is difficult to inspire someone in a constant negative space.  A black hole tends to suck the light and life out of the atmosphere.  Are you a black hole? 

I am glad they returned in time to see the fall colors, which I am enjoying as well.  This week has the promise of an ‘Indian Summer’.  What a tonic that will be! 

First fruits of their return and inspiration, a poem:  

 Autumn Air

Breathe deep the cool air of autumn.
Exhale the gloom.
Breathe deep the joy.
Laugh with the full moon.
Breathe deep.
Breathe deep.
Rest in a warm blanket of fall leaves until the last quarter moon.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Honorable Senator Arlen Specter Dies

  •  Former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, the outspoken Pennsylvania centrist whose switch from Republican to Democrat ended a 30-year career in which he played a pivotal role in several Supreme Court nominations, died Sunday. He was 82.  -Harrisburg, Pa. (AP)


  • Thursday, October 11, 2012

    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    O' Happy Day!

    It is a wonderful day, it is my fifty-second birthday!  I am soooo grateful to be enjoying my special day with family and friends.  Cards, phone calls, emails,and other greetings of love and affection mean so much...THANK YOU! 
    O' Happy Day! 

    Wednesday, October 3, 2012


    Pumpkins aren't just orange anymore! Feast your eyes on these gorgeous gourds!