Thursday, June 28, 2012

Expressions of Love

I walk a cemetery almost daily, now.  I am up to walking a mile and a half.  My mother goes with me just to get out and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.  I have strolled this particular graveyard since I was old enough to ride a bike.  It is well maintained by its lawn care personal and cemetery workers.

Many people over generations plant flowers, flags, and gifts or devotions of love. Today I stopped to spy a glass vase of flowers, an angel, and a staked tomato plant.  I thought, that is a sign of the beloved, a staked tomato plant.  I hope the tomato plant  produces fruit and is enjoyed by the family at a family meal.  I hope they share stories, memories of love.

Expressions of love; a vase of flowers, an angel, and a staked tomato plant. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Place To Write

Writers write wherever they find themselves.  Place is not necessarily an issue for most writers.  I see people writing everywhere these days texting, typing, and in long hand with pen and notebook.  They are in line at the store, sitting in the doctor’s office, or grabbing a cup of "Joe" sitting at a park bench.  Writing has become portable.  

Talking to people who write a lot on a daily basis and who are published quite a bit like to write at a keyboard and monitor.  When they write for personal reasons, it is fairly split between pen and paper, and personal computing.  

If you ever find yourself being stuck or board, look for a new situation.  New places can bring fresh imagery, settings, ideas, characters, and a host of other good things.  Rhythms from a train, a laundromat, or factory lend to poetic prose.  Any change offers an opportunity for productivity, a bloom in once a dead sea.  A place to write is just about anywhere one finds oneself.