Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Little Under The Weather

I have caught what is going around.  
Postings will be few and far in-between.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Green Idea!

I enjoy Mentos pure chewing gum/fresh mint pieces.
Great for fresh breath and clean teeth.
They come in a cute little plastic container that I recycle with the kitchen recyclables.

The the other day I came up with the idea to use the container for my earphones for my Nook Tablet.  I peeled off all the labels.  Then I put my earphones in the cute little container to keep them from getting tangled up in my purse.  You could use them to protect your ear-buds or earphones for any technological device you have.  Help recycle by making one for a friend.  
Use  Sharpie Permanent Markers and stickers to decorate.  
What a great little gift for a friend or pal!

Go green!  Go Mentos!  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

PFARR 2012
Phipps Conservatory is a great place with green ideas, delightful flowers and plants.  
PFARR 2012

PFARR 2012

PFARR 2012

PFARR 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Loss of My Career

This is the 7th anniversary of the loss of my Career at this very hour 2:58pm.  

I have been and I am still being violated.  

I would like to thank the following for all the loss, pain, and grief;

Mrs. Julie Norman and a host of others who greedily seek money to support their livelihoods and ruin other peoples lives in the process; (When she drugged her child I sent him to the school nurse and documented it.  When it continued I, along with the school counselor called the abuse hot-line.  I DID MY JOB!!  I regret not calling the police directly and having them test her child for drugs.  What happened to me the following year was RAPE mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Not to mention the STALKING, videos, and kidnapping...the violation of my constitutional rights,etc.);  

BUMC (Beach United Methodist Church)[Jerry, care-giver minister, Sandy, Mrs.Winter, and Karen, Sue, and Jon]{a very evil institution}, along with

Lakeview Village Management(THE KEY!),

Saint Johns County School District; Saint Johns County Florida,

Upchurch, Bailey, and Upchurch (morally bankrupt and unethical men),

The Saint Johns County Sheriffs Department (There are a few honest, loyal, police personnel there. I thank God for you and pray God protect you as you serve.),

"The Drug Community" of Ponte Vedra Beach, The Greater Jacksonville Area, and Western Pennsylvania,

The Mafia (Hey, what happened to honoring the marriage bed and "not messing with peoples lives for the hell of it," ---you use to have a code of ethics.),

The FBI (I use to think you were the good guys.),

The GOP (I use to be a Republican.  Frederick T.(ESQ) you need to repent.),

The Catholic Church (There are no words to express the pain and grief.),

The Masons (If my father knew, I am sure he would tell you were to shove your dues and membership.  Thanks L.).

I forgive you all, even the people whose names I do not know, but faces I recognize.  I pray you repent.  May God be merciful.

Me, I am trying to "GET OVER IT!!!"

Next time you assume something about someone, keep your mouth shut! (Think about it PL.) You could be dead wrong!  You may destroy a persons life and once it is gone there is no getting it back.

I tried through legal channels and political channels to no avail. Money talks, and I have no money, no political clout, or connections.  I thank God I have Jesus!

I thank God for all the people who are making every effort to clear me and restore my livelihood.  I covet your prayers.  God bless you!  Thank you.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Our family came together to celebrate Mom's 90th Birthday.  
She was wonder struck!  We surprised her twice!!  
It was really good to see everyone and visit for a while.   

...and the greatest of these is love.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Arrived Early

Spring arrived early this year.  I saw two robins earlier this week and now there are quit a few more.  Yesterday, my mom and dad, and I saw several cardinals, blue-jays, and troops of sparrows.  The vireo is back and the song sparrows were singing this morning. The tulips and the daffodils have been pushing up for awhile and are nearly in bloom.  I am happy for the early arrival of Spring.
It is a joyous season!  

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