Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Where ever you are may it be filled with laughter and delight.  
Kiss the old good-bye and the new year good night!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wine:Clos Du Bois

I am not an expert on choosing wine.  I do, however, have an opinion about Clos Du Bois Wine.  Clos Du Bois has some of the best wines to offer in the USA. They have a great bouquet and other qualities that make them superb wines to drink and cook with.  The funny thing is I like the Clos Du Bois Merlot 2006 (blue label) better then the Clos Du Bois Sonoma Reserve Alexandra Valley Merlot 2006 (golden leaf premium label).

The less expensive label is better then the premium label in my opinion. The blue label is fruity and explodes in your mouth with flavor of blueberries and currents.  The premium label is more spicy and oaky in taste.  For those who do not like Merlot wine I suggest you try the Clos Du Bois Merlot 2006 (blue label).  A good Merlot may change your mind about this fabulous red wine.  The good thing is a glass a day is also good for your heart.  There is an enzyme in this grape when crushed that is good for the heart and vessels.  It goes well with meat and pasta dishes.  It adds another layer of flavor to food that enriches a dish.

This wine has a lovely bouquet that explodes in your mouth with blueberries and currents.

This wine is wonderful and has a more spicy and oaky taste.

Enjoy a good glass of wine with friends!  Salute!

A New Year Approaches

I was pondering the other day about the new year approaching.  Different people and organizations start a 'new year' at some point during the year.  Some companies start their 'fiscal new year' in July.  A good many health care providers start their 'new year benefits programs' in April.  Go figure.

But some of the most wonderful new year celebrations I know of are couples who after struggling decide to recommit on their Wedding Anniversary.  People celebrating sobriety and freedom from addictions on the date they were freed from their addiction.

A lot of people will celebrate this coming new year in many ways.  I hope for all it is truly a year for peace.  We all could use a year without strife, conflict, and war.  It has been so long since we had peace, I wonder what we would do with ourselves.

There are a lot of people and places that need our expertise to aid them in getting back on their feet.  We need to work. Many countries including our own are still reeling from natural disasters as well as man made.  Many whose basic needs are still not being met.

As the new year approaches; I wonder if one dares to dream again? 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Northern Lights:Nature's Christmas Lights in the Sky

What sights to behold!
Thanks to the photographers for sharing their photographs of one of nature's phenomenons.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Chihuly Glass Tree at Phipps 2006


This fine glass tree would make a unique Christmas tree...
See the link below to check out his other works.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” 
 Isaiah 9:6

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Psalm

David’s Song of Praise
 1 David sang to the LORD the words of this song when the LORD delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul. 2 He said:    “The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
 3 my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,
   my shield[a] and the horn[b] of my salvation.
He is my stronghold, my refuge and my savior—
   from violent people you save me.
 4 “I called to the LORD, who is worthy of praise,
   and have been saved from my enemies.
5 The waves of death swirled about me;
   the torrents of destruction overwhelmed me.
6 The cords of the grave coiled around me;
   the snares of death confronted me.
 7 “In my distress I called to the LORD;
   I called out to my God.
From his temple he heard my voice;
   my cry came to his ears.
8 The earth trembled and quaked,
   the foundations of the heavens[c] shook;
   they trembled because he was angry.
9 Smoke rose from his nostrils;
   consuming fire came from his mouth,
   burning coals blazed out of it.
10 He parted the heavens and came down;
   dark clouds were under his feet.
11 He mounted the cherubim and flew;
   he soared[d] on the wings of the wind.
12 He made darkness his canopy around him—
   the dark[e] rain clouds of the sky.
13 Out of the brightness of his presence
   bolts of lightning blazed forth.
14 The LORD thundered from heaven;
   the voice of the Most High resounded.
15 He shot his arrows and scattered the enemy,
   with great bolts of lightning he routed them.
16 The valleys of the sea were exposed
   and the foundations of the earth laid bare
at the rebuke of the LORD,
   at the blast of breath from his nostrils.
 17 “He reached down from on high and took hold of me;
   he drew me out of deep waters.
18 He rescued me from my powerful enemy,
   from my foes, who were too strong for me.
19 They confronted me in the day of my disaster,
   but the LORD was my support.
20 He brought me out into a spacious place;
   he rescued me because he delighted in me.
 21 “The LORD has dealt with me according to my righteousness;
   according to the cleanness of my hands he has rewarded me.
22 For I have kept the ways of the LORD;
   I am not guilty of turning from my God.
23 All his laws are before me;
   I have not turned away from his decrees.
24 I have been blameless before him
   and have kept myself from sin.
25 The LORD has rewarded me according to my righteousness,
   according to my cleanness[f] in his sight.
 26 “To the faithful you show yourself faithful,
   to the blameless you show yourself blameless,
27 to the pure you show yourself pure,
   but to the devious you show yourself shrewd.
28 You save the humble,
   but your eyes are on the haughty to bring them low.
29 You, LORD, are my lamp;
   the LORD turns my darkness into light.
30 With your help I can advance against a troop[g];
   with my God I can scale a wall.
 31 “As for God, his way is perfect:
   The LORD’s word is flawless;
   he shields all who take refuge in him.
32 For who is God besides the LORD?
   And who is the Rock except our God?
33 It is God who arms me with strength[h]
   and keeps my way secure.
34 He makes my feet like the feet of a deer;
   he causes me to stand on the heights.
35 He trains my hands for battle;
   my arms can bend a bow of bronze.
36 You make your saving help my shield;
   your help has made[i] me great.
37 You provide a broad path for my feet,
   so that my ankles do not give way.
 38 “I pursued my enemies and crushed them;
   I did not turn back till they were destroyed.
39 I crushed them completely, and they could not rise;
   they fell beneath my feet.
40 You armed me with strength for battle;
   you humbled my adversaries before me.
41 You made my enemies turn their backs in flight,
   and I destroyed my foes.
42 They cried for help, but there was no one to save them—
   to the LORD, but he did not answer.
43 I beat them as fine as the dust of the earth;
   I pounded and trampled them like mud in the streets.
 44 “You have delivered me from the attacks of the peoples;
   you have preserved me as the head of nations.
People I did not know now serve me,
 45 foreigners cower before me;
   as soon as they hear of me, they obey me.
46 They all lose heart;
   they come trembling[j] from their strongholds.
 47 “The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock!
   Exalted be my God, the Rock, my Savior!
48 He is the God who avenges me,
   who puts the nations under me,
 49 who sets me free from my enemies.
You exalted me above my foes;
   from a violent man you rescued me.
50 Therefore I will praise you, LORD, among the nations;
   I will sing the praises of your name.
 51 “He gives his king great victories;
   he shows unfailing kindness to his anointed,
   to David and his descendants forever.”

  1. 2 Samuel 22:3 Or sovereign
  2. 2 Samuel 22:3 Horn here symbolizes strength.
  3. 2 Samuel 22:8 Hebrew; Vulgate and Syriac (see also Psalm 18:7) mountains
  4. 2 Samuel 22:11 Many Hebrew manuscripts (see also Psalm 18:10); most Hebrew manuscripts appeared
  5. 2 Samuel 22:12 Septuagint (see also Psalm 18:11); Hebrew massed
  6. 2 Samuel 22:25 Hebrew; Septuagint and Vulgate (see also Psalm 18:24) to the cleanness of my hands
  7. 2 Samuel 22:30 Or can run through a barricade
  8. 2 Samuel 22:33 Dead Sea Scrolls, some Septuagint manuscripts, Vulgate and Syriac (see also Psalm 18:32); Masoretic Text who is my strong refuge
  9. 2 Samuel 22:36 Dead Sea Scrolls; Masoretic Text shield; / you stoop down to make
  10. 2 Samuel 22:46 Some Septuagint manuscripts and Vulgate (see also Psalm 18:45); Masoretic Text they arm themselves

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day: Remembrance

Honor a family member, friend, buddy, pal, or person who has severed.

Members of our Armed Services


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Local News:Saint Vincent College New President's Inauguration

Look who is in attendance at the inauguration of Right Reverend Norman Hipps, OSB, Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, PA.  Congratulations Brother Hipps!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Where are the crows?

Can you find the old birds?
There are at least two visible.
Happy Old Crow Day!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Peek Into The Clouds




Clouds are beautiful, foreboding, terrifying, whimsical, and changing.  Often, as a child, I would lay on a grassy hill and watch the clouds parade on by.  Clouds are still full of magic and wonder for me even as an adult.  Two of these photographs were taken in flight.  The last photograph from the back yard before a storm. They are not bad pictures for an amateur.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Fall Foliage





Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Foliage





Sitting on the Wire



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get A Life

People need to let go.  

People need to mind their own business or at the very least, ask themselves, “What the hell am I are doing?”  For what purpose am I attacking this person? Whom am I serving by my actions?  What has this person done to me personally that I am so hateful towards her or him?

Some people need to get lives of their own.  

You are not God!  Take a look at yourself.  It may be a revelation to you, but your actions speak volumes about yourself.  


Are you being a bully?

I am moving on and taking care of what I can.  Frankly, my life is none of your damn business.  Again, Get out!  Get over yourself!

Someone is bent on not allowing me to move on with my life.  Why? Do you have personal issues? Get help!  This is my advice to you.  Again, seek counseling.

Really, try to find another interest.

I am moving on.  Life is too short to play with others who do not play by the rules or have a set of 'special friends' who enjoy playing games with people’s lives.

I chose life.

I am minding my own business.  I am attending to parents, family, friends, and myself.  I have my priorities in order.  

Do you have priorities concerning your own life?

Thinking of others first has been one of my major faults in life, I do not think of how this might affect me in the long run.  If you ask my mom and friends that know me well they will tell you that I have put others first at the cost to myself.  Care for yourself first.  It is an important life lesson I am learning at the ripe age of fifty.

People need not say anything to me.  Minding one’s own business will go a long way towards forbearing and forgiving.

I do have the heritage of forbearing, forgiving, and loving.  I have learned it from my parents and others who are conscious of God, themselves, and others.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lily of the Valley

The following information comes from wikipedia.  

Christian Legend
The flower is also known as Our Lady's tears, since, according to Christian legend, the lily of the valley came into being from Eve's tears after she was driven with Adam from the Garden of Eden,[11] although this seems unlikely, since in Catholic parlance, "Our Lady" refers to the Virgin Mary. Another Christian legend states that Mary's tears turned to lily of the valley when she cried at the crucifixion of Jesus, and because of this it is also known as Mary's tears. According to another legend, lilies of the valley also sprang from the blood of Saint Leonard of Noblac during his battles with a dragon.

The name "lily of the valley" is also used in some English translations of the Bible in Song of Songs 2:1, although whether or not the Hebrew word "shoshana" (usually denoting a rose) originally used there refers to this species is uncertain.

It is a symbol of humility in religious painting. Lily of the valley is considered the sign of Christ's second coming. The power of men to envision a better world was also attributed to the lily of the valley.

Other names and legends

Other names include May lily, May bells, lily constancy, ladder-to-heaven, male lily, and muguet (French).

Its scientific name, majalis or maialis, means "of or belonging to May", and old astrological books place the plant under the dominion of Mercury, since Maia, the daughter of Atlas, was the mother of Mercury or Hermes.[citation needed]

In the "language of flowers", the lily of the valley signifies the return of happiness. Legend tells of the affection of a lily of the valley for a nightingale that did not come back to the woods until the flower bloomed in May.

The beauty in this delicate flower is comforting.  Mary had peace in her suffering.  She suffered great loss.
In times of stress and suffering it is comforting to look at art (Photography is an art.).

I look at this Lily of the Valley and reflect on what is means.  I hope you will take a look at it once more and appreciate its quiet beauty.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let People Hold Their Own Crap

Sometimes in life you have to let people hold their own crap for them to wake up and/or become conscious of themselves.  When people try to manipulate others it is amazing how much they reveal about themselves.  Some people are blind and cannot smell their own shit.  No one likes being crapped on by others who run at the mouth just for the fun of ruining someone else’s life.  I strongly dislike people who purposefully destroy other people's lives, who have no business doing so.  Who do you think you are?

There are people, and some in our information gathering institutions, that are deceived.  They do not look at the log protruding from their own eye while trying too hard to force a rough bough or two into someone else's eye.  The danger is you can hurt an innocent person or hurt a hurting person without much thought or care of another human being.  Your opinion maybe dead wrong and then what?  Are you going to apologize?  How to you make recompense for hurting someone beyond repair who has done nothing wrong to you or anyone else for that matter.

Watch yourself.  Are you flinging shit? 

I do believe that when one is crapped on, you have options.  Not that all of one's ideas of what one wants to do (that may or may not be good) should be acted upon. Take care for others and tender-lings.  Thinking of others is important.  Revenge is not the answer.  Just stand.

God knows.  He sees.  He hears.  Nothing is hidden from his sight.  He alone is able to do more than all we ask or imagine. 

Letting people come to terms with what they have done and what they are continuing to do will hopefully wake them up to consciousness, so that they can stop themselves and repent.

Personally, I would like to slap them in the face, but that would most likely hurt me as well and they are not worth it.  

Knowing the truth sets you free.  Yes; and I am free!

Carrying an umbrella is a good idea.  One can always use it to fling the shit back to where it came from in the first place.  Walking in the rain can wash away the grim. Singing can lift one’s spirit.  Dancing can change everything.  Worship is joy unto itself.  Everything else diminishes in the light.

Let people hold their own shit!

Moving is precious...sing, dance, and shout aloud!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcoming Each Change of Season


I love celebrating all four seasons. 




Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flashes of Lightning

Beset by several storms
the little boat
barely stayed afloat.
The rough seas,
dangerous storms,
and pirates
were not what the little boat 
had expected to encounter on the sea.

She did not know of the dangers,
that lie in the open ocean!

She had grown up in tranquil waters,
deep blue and green, 
with zephyr winds, 
and a multitude of fish;
a calm peaceful place to grow and explore.

Caught unaware of just how dangerous life could be on the open seas,
she was capsized,
 flipped over,
and almost grounded on the rocky shore
 by a series of storms
she had no idea how to handle
moreover, could not outrun.

The open ocean is different and more challenging to navigate.
The waters are rougher,
 the storms more ferocious by nature,
moreover, the unexpected can catch one off guard
unskilled and inexperienced to cope with successfully.

Cyclones are nasty bundles of energies,
organized and stealthy,
all consuming in their rage.
They kill everything and anyone in their paths.
The destruction left in their wake is catastrophic.

Little boats often do not do well in such violet environment.

A previous storm had left her disabled for navigation.
The radar malfunctioning,
great loss occurring.

Sailing without instruments,
the old ways were of little assistance in the light of day.
She needed help from a resource who had more experience and skill to aid such a small vessel to safe harbor.

Many thought she was lost to sea.
Some hoped she had broken up or ran aground against the rocks.
 Few hoped and trusted all along that she would find her way.
Staying true north,
 she held her bearings.
Holding together,
made of strong wood,
maintained pretty well,
she spotted land,
and safe port.

Flashes of lightning
 from the recent set of storms
 lite up the darkness,
helped her navigate her way along the shore to a safe place for repairs.

Harbored in a jetty protected by Mount Hermon,
she would become seaworthy and knowledgeable
 for other small vessels setting out to open sea.

Pay attention to the sky and listen carefully to weather reports.
Read maps well
telling of depths, tides, and ports of call.
are of the uppermost importance
a lifesaving detail not to be ignored.
Moreover, always trust your gut instincts,
that still small voice of God,
it can mean the difference between life and death.

Once again,
she would be fit to sail upon the open waters
strengthened by all she has experienced.

Repairs made
 will make her more sea worthy
 for her new position.
The damage
with new parts installed.
Few signs left of the near disaster.

She is getting ready to sail.
New canvas have arrived, gear, and supplies readied.
Launch day expected soon.

 laboring hard for release from
dry dock.
Waiting for the all clear from
the master of the mast.

as life
is adventurous
so gear up,

it may be a bumpy ride.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Me Maw

I wrote this tribute to my mom and women is my life who have been like my mom to me when I lived on my own (Mother's Day 2010).

To The Women... 

To the woman who gave me birth,
thank you for carrying me and caring for me.

To the woman who raised me, dotted on me, dressed me and encouraged me to grow, 
thank you for loving me.

To the woman who nurtured the teacher, artist, and adventurer in me, 
thank you for helping me mature into a woman.

To the woman who over the years has helped me grow spiritually and taught me the value of prayer,
thank you for sharing your deep faith and love in Christ.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Door

In life and in one's daily living you have to shut doors.  If you think about it, one shuts doors for as many different reasons as one opens doors.

Some doors we shut for safety to keep intruders and dangerous people out and some doors we shut for space, a retreat from the noise, into a quiet space.  We open doors to get fresh air.  We open doors inviting people in for sharing life, goodies, and fun.  

Are there doors in one's life that are open, that need shut?  Are there doors in one's life, that need opened?  Are there doors you just pass by without giving much thought too at all?

What influences someone to open a door or close a door?  Is it a choice from within or influences from without?
Copyright free photograph.

Some doors you cannot tell if they are opening or closing.  Some doors are squeaky and others are silent in manner and appearance.

Oil is a good thing; it keeps the hinges working properly.  Is your door well-built and lubricated with a good oil?

People come and go in our lives for better or worse.  We ultimately have the power to open the door or shut it.

Snap judgments, snatching doors open, slamming doors shut is damaging.  Repairs cannot always be made.  Some repairs are costly.

There are great books, web sites, and even a few posters that share the beauty of doors.

Doors are fascinating, functioning, and fabulous works of art.

Do you appreciate doors?

I hope you are inspired to think about them a little differently.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What is missing in this photo?


What is missing in this photo? It is somewhat like, where is Waldo? Tie on the blue shirt, in case you missed it.  

I have a thing for men in crisp shirts and ties.  I do not know what the meaning is behind liking ties.  I have always liked ties and tying ties.  I loved tying my dad’s ties as a kid. 

I like going shopping for ties.  I like tie displays.  There used to be a tie store at Station Square Mall in downtown Pittsburgh along the waterfront that was the cat’s meow of tie stores!  We are talking hundreds of brightly colored ties, every hue in the color wheel and design known to man.

Once, on a vacation, I found an old bookstore with old tie holders displaying ties and I thought, WOW!  Here are two of my favorite things: old books and ties.  I read all afternoon in an old chair, surrounded by colorful ties, and old books.  It was like being in heaven.

Recently, helping out one of my cousins return items to several stores, I ran across this display of shirts and ties and had to take a picture or two.  They have great displays of ties and shirts, and this one caught my eye.

Do you see it now?  Look in the upper right hand corner.

One lonely shirt without a tie, it looks a little out of sorts, so I found a tie to match. What can I say?  There is just something about a man in a crisp shirt and tie that makes me go weak in the knees. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Setup, The Players, The Game, Set, and Match

Did you ever watch or play tennis?  It is a great game!  I do not watch it as much as I once did.  I enjoyed watching the game usually on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.  I played it a little, just for fun and companionship.

A lot of detail went into setting up the matches.  Like where the game is played.  What type of court, clay or grass?  The requirements for being a contestant in the match checked.  With every game, the players changed.  Older players retire and new talent recruited through the ranks of the amateur circuit.

The game has rules.  It is a skilled endeavor.  Talent (some people have a gift or talent they are not in full control over), strength, and especially endurance all account towards ones potential for success.  The ability to serve, backhand, and maneuver quickly on ones feet is crucial to getting the kill shot or final serve(score) for the match.

A few players who I thought were playing for fun, but really were competitive have hit me.  Some players have very interesting temperaments; you wonder why they are in the game in the first place.  What motivates some players? Moreover, what game are they playing is a mystery (outer darkness).

Professional players are much more skilled at the game.  They are not as much fun to play with for leisure.     Some players are aware of their motivations and others are just practicing what they have been taught or told to do.  There are cruel players (people) who only see the sport and do not consider who they are playing with or even know the reason why they are playing a particular game.  Some players just enjoy life and are not that concerned for the game, the set, or even winning the match at all costs, but wanting companionship and fun.

Each set within the game has limitations that changes the serve and points awarded.  The line judges call the balls in or out depending, if they are on the line, before the line, or after the line in play.  The net judge has the final call.  He sits high in a chair with the microphone.

Each player, plays to his best ability.  The level of skill of the players, field of play, psychology of the athletes, and the environment or atmosphere all come into play, as well as, the line judges, the net judge, ball persons, and even the crowd gathered have to a degree, influence on the game.  
I did not play the game much, although I practiced the game for companionship and fun.  No hard hitting or ruthless gaming as some like to make it out to be.  I am not that much into sport for sport.  I do not play at all now and wonder why some are still playing.

With the new players, it is a different game these days.  They do not follow the rules and they constantly push boundaries.  Denying, breaking and changing the rules while in play.  Even the judges seem persuaded at times to fix things.  

I liked the game when you knew the players.  You appreciated each player for what she/he brought to the stadium and played accordingly to his or her best abilities.  No one wants to get hurt.  Some players do not know when to stop.
They change the game to fit their own preconceived notion of what they want. They are usually poor sports, looking for "one up man ship."  They rarely look inward.  Only seeing what they desire and consumed by sport.

Tennis, like life can be fun.  When terms of engagement are skewed, the game loses value and is not fun for everyone.  When the game is played by constants, it is more fun.  Rules can and often change.  When you change the rules everyone need to be aware of the rules.  Not everyone wants to play professionally or even enter the amateur circuit.  There are single matches, doubles, mixed doubles, and other arrangements.

No one should be played with or be forced to play with those they are not interested in playing by the rules by all.  Sincere apologies for poor sportsmanship is welcome and deeply appreciated.  Especially when the foul was first called on the player in violation by the line judge who cried, OUT!

What game are you playing?  I do not think it is a sanctioned tennis match.  The net judge may have to be called and then the entire event venue has to be examined, along with several of the last places of play because there is a string being strung on account of bad play, poor record keeping or the fixing of prior games to save face of the whole system.  False allegations without investigation make for poor rulings and everyone suffers.  The player (victim) and the bystanders are blindsided and caused pain because a gang must have vengeance.  No one enjoys a match or game that violates the rules of conduct.  People leave the field and the stadium by the droves.  The event organizers wonder as to why all of a sudden disaster strikes, but they cannot see beyond their rage to see they crushed an innocent player in a stampede they caused in the first place because of not following their own rules to seek the truth first and then justice, doing right by all.  

Games like tennis have an end, like in life.  There is a last point served.  The match is called.  The game is over.  We remember some of the players, for their talent, for their skill, and others for their conduct during play.  The net judge from his viewpoint high above it all knows the truth and the important participant in the game.

Nevertheless, like in other aspects of life there comes a time to hang up the tennis shoes, put away the racket, and walk away.

The last serve has left the server's generous hand.  The ball is in the air.

A tie game would be nice in this match, especially since both sides where possibly doing their best service and gave it their all.  Errors on both sides, not communicating clearly, cost all players very much.

Game over.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Believe in Christ, He Is The Catalyst For Change

We are all a work in progress.  Change is possible in Christ.

Christ came because He, like His Father, believed that everything He created is good.  He died for His Bride the Church.  Our hope, faith, and love is like a three strung cord; strong, dependable, and unfailing.

The LORD Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”  Deuteronomy 31:8  

One day we will see Him face to face.  For now we see only let your light shine before men.  It makes it easier for all on the narrow path.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Enjoy A Break From Your Labors

Can you picture yourself at the beach?  You don't have to be 'Ocean Side' to enjoy a great beach.  The Great Lakes are Great!  Even some state parks and county lakes have beaches.  Check out the following  Keystone State ParkRaystown Lake, and of course Prince Gallitzin State Park have many good spots to visit.  If you can get away that's great.  If you can't get out of town take a moment to visualize yourself in a beach chair looking out over this beach scene.  Have a Relaxing Labor Day Weekend.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Name-tag Art


When we meet new people what do they see? 

What do we reveal?

What is behind the mask?


Inside is a precious place where after some time the treasures are revealed.

Guard the well-spring of your soul.
Not everyone you meet values who you are or the gifts and talents you carry within.  

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happiness is...

...getting a cast off your leg and taking a shower.  I have been laid up with a torn ACL.  I have been in a non-walking cast for four weeks.  Today the cast came off and I am glad to report it is doing well.  I have to exercise it regularly and be ginger with it for a week or two before I am able to do a jig.

Word to the wise.  When you hurt your-self see the doctor sooner rather than later.  As one ages it is good to get in the habit of stretching before getting out of bed and before activities that may involve muscles you may not use often.
Happiness is staying healthy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yellow Butterlies and Moths

Today when running errands I went by the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve and spied four Yellow Tail Butterflies and three small yellow moths with a purple spot at the top of the large wing and two smaller dots of  purple on the lower smaller wing.  I need to look the species up in The Butterflies and Moths of Western Pennsylvania Guide.  It is a fun thing to identify butterflies and moths.  Here are some links to check out:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



How lovely you are to view sitting upon a throne of pink flowers.

Climbing upon the blossoms, seeking nectar to eat.

 Gathering strength for the long journey ahead.

Off to Mexico you go.

Wintering in the firs.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Boston Pops Fourth Celebration 2010:Click here!

Happy Garden

It is the seemingly small things in life that "make my day."  There is a guy who gardens a plot near a major traffic route that I and most people in our community travel daily.  He has been gardening for years.  I have always taken note of his garden because it is very well maintained and has a great variety of plants.  I don't believe a weed would dare to crop up in his lovingly attended space.  He put up a sign this year..."Happy Garden."  Truly, it is a "Happy Garden" and I hope people are happily enjoying it as well.  Cheers to the happy gardener!  Thank you for sharing.