Monday, October 5, 2009

Supernatural Consequences

Richard Agan was a long time ruler of the Innes Clan.  He was quiet, not publicly well known, but powerful within his circle of influence. Family portraits, oil paintings mostly, hung in the old castle in Morayshire, Scotland and at a camouflaged mansion tucked away in the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania.

Few people locally, knew the aristocrat and his family.  He was indeed a product of the 19th century Scottish Baron, a known practitioner of witchcraft, from a line of witches.  Karen, his wife, was the daughter of James Greyburn, the Earl of Greyburn’s great grandson, another European family with supernatural abilities.  They were werewolves.

The combination of these two family lines brought a she-devil into the world, a women known for being cruel and malicious, a shape-snifter, and a werewolf.  In public she seemed polished, poised, and a good Christian.  Karen, a benefactor known for her contributions to the community and an heir of her family's’ fortune, she was a werewolf incognito.

At night, she stalked the woods hunting her prey, the unsuspecting owl or deer, pounced upon from behind, above, or crushed in a frontal attack unable to move from being startled nearly to death.  Her stealth practiced since childhood was excellent, giving her the advantage to catch unsuspecting creatures.

Lying in wait for the full moon this Sunday, October 6th, Wren had calculated the days for her revenge of the old man in the woods, who was a caretaker of the woodland creatures and others.  She had not drawn human blood in her fifty some years of living, but David had to be dealt with.  He had, on more than one occasion cost her dearly.  Intervening on behalf of the woodland animals and his fellow man, David was a champion of good.  He detested her abuse of animals and people for sport.  He knew of her cruelty and malicious heart.  David was a supernatural being as well, an angel named for the human who had loved God with all his heart.

Being human and supernatural is nothing new.  It is like the fight of good and evil.  It has been going on from the beginning of time.  Time is relative in space and not just another Einstein theory.

Time, being not limited to our human constraints, does not take away from events that curdle our blood and make our skin crawl.  Even with television and movie violence deadening our sensitivities, nothing prepares us for the fight to the death of supernatural beings.  A truly cosmic event that man is still trying to understand scientifically.

David lived a quiet life.  A maintenance man of the Sportsman’s Hunt Club he did his work with efficiency and humility.  A skilled laborer, whose knowledge and aptitude for fixing any sort of mechanical or electrical device, was worth his weight in gold.  The other maintenance men liked him as well for his willingness to go the extra mile and help with other duties besides his own assigned tasks.

Wanting to be more human than divine has its cost.  David’s angelic powers had decreased over the years as his humanity, his humanness, his flesh and bone being became more of a reality.  Outwitting Wren had become more challenging, but he had been victorious on numerous accounts and not terribly fearful of her sporting events.  Although lately, it seemed she was becoming more vicious then in years past, a bit more evil then just cruel.

Working late into the evening in the fall of the year is a pleasant experience; especially, during the full moon with the dance between light and shadow, the earthy smells, and cool air.  David had been helping with the pheasant hunt all day and was now returning to his work to prepare the lawn mower for tomorrow.  Richard’s associates from the Bilderberg Group packed up and were well on their way home to other parts of the world.

Kneeling beside the tractor in the old horse barn at the back of the property, David did not sense the coming attack, nor did he have time to think his way through a counter response.  With his last energy of angelic power he punched the silver tipped Philips-head screwdriver that he had, had in his hand into the grey werewolf’s coat, penetrating through to the heart as the old girl pounced slicing his throat.

She cried out with the horrific sound of a wounded creature caught in a trap unaware.   Wren howled in pain dashing off into the woods, the blood rushing from her body, death imminent.  David quietly slumped to the floor of the barn as a great white light enveloped his being, the full moon the only witness to this supernatural battle.

David’s body was never found, his fate unknown.  A missing person’s report was filed October 10th.  Missed by his fellow laborers, but never mourned.  He would be forgotten in time.

Late, in November, a hunter crossing the creek found the decaying worm ridden carcass of a werewolf.  He paused a moment in recognition of his daughter.  Richard, now aware of the fate of his missing daughter will write the headline and obituary of the heir for the local newspaper.

Headline read, “Wren Agan Dies in Fiery Car Wreck Cause Unknown.” The charred car was found on the embankment of the Loyalhanna Creek in Derry Township.  Her body burnt and not recognizable, dental records were used to make the identification.

The exact time of the accident unknown and the secluded location of the vehicle will leave her death a mystery.  The obituary will be in tomorrow’s edition of the Tribune Review.  

Evil does not always win.   Good does not always triumph.  Somewhere in space, a black hole has formed another void in the universe.  Death has a place in space, an entity of supernatural consequences.