Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A Writing Response: Heart To Heart Dating Services

Heart To Heart Dating Services

Name Margret Josephine
Interested in men between 55 and 65
Status Not Married
Build Curvy
Pets Lover of animals and has a dog-named Tuff. Must love dogs!
Looking for a traveler who also likes to sit by the fire and snuggle every now and then.
Socially Enjoys a drink with friends, mostly red wine but will try new concoctions.

Salutations! I am Margret Josephine, but you can call me PJ. My Father called me Peg-a-leg. We all had beloved names for each other. I am fifty-eight, not married, and I have been a caregiver for the last fourteen years of my parents who lived to be 95 years of age, married 67 years happily.

I enjoy reading, going for walk a-bouts, writing, and creative work and snuggling. I like being adventurous! Last year I went west for three weeks, visiting seven National Parks, and became a Friend of Yellowstone Forever. I am heading to Yosemite after an Abstract Painting Workshop in Castle Rock, Colorado this July. I am interested in getting to know someone who has a sense of who he is, loves to laugh, and likes to share. A partner in life experiences. Love is a sharing relationship.

Messages to Margret Josephine

Bulldog Terrier:  Hello PJ, I love dogs too. I have a bulldog-terrier named Brutus. He loves to run and tear up toys, hence the name Brutus.  Do you want to meet at the dog park sometime?

Gabriel Allen:  Hi PJ. I am a novel writer and still life painter. I see you are into abstract painting. Maybe we could go to a gallery or museum and you could enlighten me on abstract painting. What do you say?

Mystery Man:  Hello Margret Josephine! You never really know who people are until you meet them and even then, it can be a mystery. Do you want to meet at Starbucks for coffee and see how it goes?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Building and Growing Healthy Relationships

As I ponder over the years of relationships, I got to thinking about why they work or not work.  Below are seven key elements in building and growing healthy relationships.

1. Trust
When one is mindful of another person and there is a mutual understanding and sharing of values, trust should not be an issue.  Only when there are inconsistencies, a gut instinct, and the hair standing up on the back of one's neck, that you may want to ask very specific questions.

2. Communication
Good communication is key on the key-ring to having successful relationships.  Understanding the way each person in the relationship communicates in very important.  A great tool is http://www.5lovelanguages.com/.

3. Do Your Part
Take care of one's job whatever that is in our working agreement, (food, household stuff, kids clothing, and stuff,  etc.) and my partner holds up his end of the deal (outside house stuff, anything slimy, family moral and fun, etc.).

4. Appreciate
When you have a partner you really love that it is important to appreciate them and let them know that you are excited to be with them.   A love note or special something every once in a while will add depth to the relationship.  Doing something to show your appreciation other than on a holiday, birthday or anniversary will add to the overall banking account of love.

5. Have Some Fun
Hang loose...chill out...bungee jump...go to an amusement park and act like teenagers even if the body objects.  Have fun being with each other.

6. Say, " I am Sorry."
When you are wrong, be quick to admit it.  Even when you unintentionally hurt another person.  Saying, "I am sorry," goes a long way in the relationship bank account. Do not follow an apology with a but!  Never let your pride get in the way of your relationships. 

7. Forgive and Forget
Since no one is perfect...say I forgive you, then forget it, and move on.

Last note, if you have love, take care of it! If you do not...may you find love and grow a healthy relationship that lasts.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Tea Mountains


Response Poetry to a Work of Art

Sweet seamstress sleeping,
snoozing in the red chair.
Secretly dreaming of spring,
seams slightly off...near perfection.


           Enduring spirit


Saturday, June 1, 2019

Oh Sunny Boy!

Dune Sunflower

Some flowers cause one's cheeks to rise and one's lips to form a smile. Despite the harsh conditions some flowers may be forced to grow in they manage to put on their best and brighten the space they find themselves in.  With a little tender loving care, they blossom all the more.  A joy to come upon as one traverses along the pathways of life.  May you find flowers along your path to brighten your day!

Friday, May 31, 2019


 January 1, 2019


Diving into the pool, one makes a splash! Diving into the creative market one can also make a splash!

I have been transitioning from full-time caregiver to creative work, and I have been working, failing, and reworking, and learning new skills, exploring talents, and basically figuring things out. I am not quite where I want to be at the moment, but that just leaves more room for growth. Positivity is a very good thing to have because it propels one onward.

On that note, you will notice several posts for many days. I did not want to lose all the years of writings, poems, prose, flash fiction, and photographs. I will be reloading pages trying to vary the content to keep it fresh. I appreciate you all bearing with me through this stage. Thank you for sticking around and please share any comments or ideas you like or have in the comment section. I will get back to you.

Enjoying the wonder of it all!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Thing For Chairs

The photograph of the wall of chairs is from the Carnegie.  They have a superb collection of chairs and more.  Check it out next time you are out and about.

The following are two delightful and informational books about chairs: 
Henry David Thoreau wrote, "I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society." In "Chairs: A History," furniture historian Florence de Dampierre presents a wonderfully readable and visually stunning exploration of chairs and their place in culture through the ages. Along with hundreds of gorgeous photographs — many taken specifically for this book — de Dampierre fills these pages with fascinating information and anecdotes, tracing the chair's emergence in ancient Egypt and examining various forms of seating from classical Greece, the Roman Empire, and the Renaissance era, to the classic designs of today. From thrones to divans, straight-back to overstuffed, Baroque to Bauhaus, this beautiful volume will delight anyone who's ever taken a seat and wondered where it came from.  "Beyond Necessity: Chairness and the Myths of Function" by Edward S. Cooke Jr., Charles F. Montgomery Professor of American Decorative Arts, Yale University.  Cooke explores the American fascination with the chair, extending the discussion beyond its simple ergonomic and functional dimension to consider the quality of "chairness." Key to this investigation is to recognize how chairs evoke memories, reinforce hierarchies, structure our lives, and provide sculptural and aesthetic dimensions far removed from sitting.

And a little whimsy...a short video giving new meaning to "folding chair."

I hope that the next time you sit in a chair, purchase a chair, or are offered a seat; you pause for a moment and think about the meaning of "chair."

Have a seat and enjoy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mule Heel Shoes

Image result for Mule Heel Shoes copyright free
Saar Black Suede Block Heel Slides
Mule Heel Shoes

A woman's work is never done,
but she always looks good
from work to play
or dancing the night away
in mule heel shoes.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cool Spring Water


Golden Ragwort
growing along a spring
in the Laurel Highlands.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wildflowers of Western Pennsylvania

Trout Lily

A collection of Western Pennsylvania Wildflowers

Red Trillium

Virginia Bluebell

 Long-Spurred Blue Violet

Geranium (Spotted Cranesbill)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drawing Positive Space


Positive space is the area of the drawing that contains the illustrated subject while negative space is the remaining area surrounding the subject.  In this illustration, the emphasis is on the positive space.  When drawing, one has to look at both the negative space and the positive space to see the whole picture.  Some pictures contain more positive space than negative.

Drawing is lots of fun no matter your age.  For fun this summer you may want to take a drawing class. Check out your local community college or art center.  Most places offer classes for a large range of ages and abilities.   

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Coffee House

The Coffee House
It's not the place, nor the peoples' faces.
It's the words pronounced in the space.
It's the message conveyed---
      the voices spoken.
Life continuing, living,
breathing in the 'Coffee House.'
                                                      January 2001

I wrote this poem to celebrate an occasion shared by a community of artists at a community college in Saint Charles, Missouri.  It was the first time for the event of a gathering of writers, artists, and musicians.

The organizers liked the 'on the spot inspiration' so much that they asked me to close the event with the reading of the poem. 

I hope you enjoy it as well.  

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Writing Books

I Love to read.  I enjoy writing.  Here is a snapshot of my collection of writing books.  The jewel of the bunch is The Elements of Style by Strunk and E.B. White, a must have for every writer!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Supernatural Consequences

Richard Agan was a long time ruler of the Innes Clan.  He was quiet, not publicly well known, but powerful within his circle of influence.  Family portraits, oil paintings mostly, were displayed in the old castle in Morayshire, Scotland and at a camouflaged mansion tucked away in the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania.

Few people locally knew the aristocrat and his family.  He was indeed a product of the 19th century Scottish Baron, a known practitioner of witchcraft, from a line of witches.  Karen, his wife, was the daughter of James Greyburn; the Earl of Greyburn’s great-grandson, another European family with supernatural abilities.  They were werewolves.

The combination of these two family lines brought a she-devil into the world, a women known for being cruel and malicious, a shape-shifter, and a werewolf.  In public, she seemed polished, poised, and a good Christian.  Karen, a benefactor knew for her contributions to the community and an heiress of her families’ fortune, she was a werewolf incognito.

At night she stalked the woods hunting her prey, the unsuspecting owl or deer, pounced upon from behind, above, or crushed in a frontal attack unable to move from being startled nearly to death.  Her stealth practiced since childhood was excellent, giving her the advantage to catch unsuspecting creatures.

Lying in wait for the full moon this Sunday, October 6th, Wren had calculated the days for her revenge of the old man in the woods, who was a caretaker of the woodland creatures and others.  She had not drawn human blood in her fifty-some years of living, but David had to be dealt with.  He had, on more than one occasion cost her dearly.  Intervening on behalf of the woodland animals and his fellow man, David was a champion of good.  He detested her abuse of animals and people for sport.  He knew of her cruelty and malicious heart.  David was a supernatural being as well, an angel named for the human who had loved God with all his heart.

Being human and supernatural is nothing new.  It is like the fight of good and evil.  It has been going on from the beginning of time.  Time is relative in space and not just another Einstein theory.

Time, being not limited to our human constraints, does not take away from events that curdle our blood and make our skin crawl.  Even with television and movie violence deadening our sensitivities, nothing prepares us for the fight to the death of supernatural beings.  It is a cosmic event that man is still trying to understand scientifically.

David lived a quiet life.  A maintenance man of the Sportsman’s Hunt Club he did his work with efficiency and humility.  A skilled laborer, whose knowledge and aptitude for fixing any sort of mechanical or electrical device, was worth his weight in gold.  The other maintenance men liked him as well for his willingness to go the extra mile and help out with other duties besides his own assigned tasks.

Wanting to be more human then divine has its cost.  David’s angelic powers had decreased over the years as his humanity, his humanness, his flesh, and bone becoming more of a reality.  Outwitting Wren had become more challenging, but he had been victorious on numerous accounts and not terribly fearful of her sporting events.  Although lately, it seemed she was becoming more vicious than in years past, a bit more evil then just cruel.

Working late into the evening in the fall of the year is a pleasant experience; especially, during the full moon with the dance between light and shadow, the earthy smells, and cool air.  David had been helping out with the pheasant hunt all day and was now returning to his work to prepare the lawn mower for tomorrow.  Richard’s associates from the Bilderberg Group had packed up and were well on their way home to other parts of the world.

Kneeling beside the tractor in the old horse barn at the back of the property, David did not sense the coming attack, nor did he have time to think his way through a counter response.  With his last energy of angelic power he punched the silver tipped Philips-head screwdriver that he had, had in his hand into the grey werewolf’s coat, penetrating through to the heart as the old girl pounced slicing his throat.

She cried out with the horrific sound of a wounded creature caught in a trap unaware.   Wren howled in pain dashing off into the woods, the blood rushing from her body, death imminent.  David quietly slumped to the floor of the barn as a great white light enveloped his being, the full moon the only witness to this supernatural battle.

David’s body was never found, his fate unknown.  A missing person’s report was filed October 10th.  Missed by his fellow laborers, but never mourned.  He would be forgotten in time.

Late, in November, a hunter crossing the creek found the decaying worm ridden carcass of a werewolf.  He paused a moment in recognition of his daughter.  Richard, now aware of the fate of his missing daughter will write the headline and obituary of the heiress for the local newspaper.

Headline read:  “Wren Agan Dies in Fiery Car Wreak: Cause Unknown.”  The charred car was found on the embankment of the Loyalhanna Creek in Derry Township.  Her body burnt and not recognizable, dental records were used to make the identification.  The exact time of the accident unknown and the secluded location of the vehicle will leave her death a mystery.  The obituary will be in tomorrow’s edition of the Tribune Review.  

Evil does not always win.   Good does not always triumph.  Somewhere in space a black hole has formed another void in the universe.  Death has a place in space; an entity of supernatural consequences.                                        

Friday, August 28, 2009

Varying Bottles of Wine Continued...

Change is not always easy for everyone, but I manage to land on my feet like a cat most of the time.   Richard and I tied the knot the same day we graduated from Princeton University, he with a Law degree and I with an Education degree. We honeymooned our way across the United States in a U-Haul moving truck as we headed for Los Angles, California.

I remember moving here from New Jersey with a slight accent and working hard to remove it by taking voice lessons. Who knew it would lead to other things.  I started out in the church choir because my voice coach was the choir director. Then I began singing at weddings. Next thing you know, I am working for MGM studio as a ‘‘property voice.’’ Wow! One little change and an entirely new world opened up before me.

The Hollywood Hills is an interesting place to live in. It is where my husband and I lived when we first moved to California. Back then it was the back lot of LA. Now it is simply known as 'The Hills' and resembles nothing of the barren place it once was in the fifties. If you find a cute bungalow, you have found a treasure and fine piece of real-estate.

When the skyscrapers started to block the view we moved to the beach. We lived at the beach for a year, but even the beach started to become crowded. We decided to move to Napa, by some property and settle into country life.

The drive from ‘‘The Hills’’ to Napa at first is not bad. It just becomes longer and longer as time goes by. At first it is an adventure, then a challenge. Now we have a condo in the ‘‘Commons’’ we use during the week and a house in Napa for long weekend getaways. We aren't as young as we use to be, but we have managed to work things out advantageously.

This is a copyrighted piece of fiction. No part(s) of this story or its characters are to be copied or used without the author's permission. E-mail the author of this Blog for more information or comments.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Varying Bottles of Wine

Between the jagged flashes of bright lightning and the reverberating thunder, it was hard to wait out the severest thunderstorm of late summer. Then the power went out! When the pounding rain finally stopped everyone headed outside hoping for a cool breeze. It was a sweltering week of weather and now after the storm with the power out, the whole neighborhood gathered in Dora's front lawn to chat.  Dora is the social coordinator of West Lawn Subdivision, at least she thinks so, and I would agree. We know each other pretty well considering the times in which we live when no one can name half the people living in their neighborhood. Dora has managed to corral us into having an annual garage sale, Christmas cookie swap, and donations for various organizations throughout the year.

Standing in Dora's front yard chatting, we were surprised that Dora herself was not present. Surely, she is as miserable as the rest of us. Then suddenly Dora's small side garage door flies open and she dashes over to us and seems to be in quite a tizzy about the power outage. Being the organized person that she is, she had bought the hors d' oeuvres for the room parents 'meet and greet' at school, which is two weeks from today.

While chatting away Dora suggests that we all retire to her back patio and help her empty the freezer of the defrosting hors d' oeuvres. She has a beautiful backyard with fruit trees and a summer garden overlooking the Napa Valley with a professional chef's outdoor kitchen. The old world rattan wicker furniture layered with pillows, the long sheer curtains hanging about, along with the candle lanterns, gathers us into a warm inviting intimate group.

Opening several bottles of various wines, we set up a buffet and sit around the open hearth. Relaxing in the gentle breeze, our conversation begins. Most of us have moved here following our husbands' careers. We are well educated and have some outstanding resumes yet, we have tucked away our goals and ambitions as we raised our families. Now, sitting here, privately secluded we share our dreams and aspirations that we haven't shared with anyone in a long time.

The storm has cleared and the sunset is spectacular! The afterglows of this spontaneous moment have begun to open up new avenues in each of our lives. Dora seems quiet as we each say good night.

Our lives have changed suddenly.

This is a copyrighted piece of fiction. No part(s) of this story or its characters are to be copied or used without the author's permission. E-mail the author of this Blog for more information or comments.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beauty: A Rose Is A Rose

A Memory Rose

 I Remember the rose cream in a tiny pink jar that my grandmother lovingly rubbed on my tiny hands. 

The scent lingering after she had gone. 

 Beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder but in the lingering scent of a loving grandmother.

A rose is a rose that smells as sweet.

The photograph I took, it is from a rose bush in the backyard and it smells like Grandma's rose hand cream.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


in·spir·er noun
1.  a person who infuses life
2.  one who influences
3.  draws forth or brings out
4.  a person who breathes

Take a moment. Focus on the photo below. Breathe in slowly, now exhale even slower. Do this several times feeling your body relax with each breath and exhale.

Laurel Highlands

Feeling the calm, carry it with you now as you move on in your day.

Attempting a Blog

blogging-business.jpg (510×315)

A fresh start.

Another attempt at blogging.

It's working out much better this time around!

Inking The Paper Blog began July 30th, 2009.

Today, June 1st, 2019, it continues, develops and grows.

I hope that Inking The Paper will inspire!